Why do you stay if you are being mistreated?

Because there is no place, you can go!

We understand how hard it is to leave.

We are the team of the Ambii Parints Foundation.

Ambii Parints Foundation


The Ambii Parints Foundation was set up by a group of people from various professions. They have all been directly or indirectly confronted with domestic violence. And have all seen what the lack of safe options causes in our society. We have an ANBI status.



Domestic violence:

A situation of physical, psychological, emotional, sexual or financial violence against a partner/children.

Normally we already speak of 200,000 new cases every year. Since Corona 40% more. Besides the fact that this causes a lot of suffering and behavioural problems for both the partner and the victim*, as well as any children, it also entails a lot of social costs. Think of absenteeism, deployment of emergency services and doctors, educational problems, and direct and indirect damage.

Per case between €70,000 and €100,000.

What if the victim decides to leave?

The consequences of the decision to say STOP to the violence:

· Every 8 days a woman is murdered by her ex-partner.

· Every day children are put under subtle threats against their (usual father) until they choose to have no contact for their own safety. This is called Parental Alienation or Parental Alienation.

Both fall under ex-partner/child abuse.

Just when you take the step to leave, you run the risk of brutal violence up to murder. The victims know this. That is the reason why they often stay. Because where can you safely go if you don’t want to live in a temporary shelter, but want to remain independent, but above all REALLY want to be safe? Because victims are not just pathetic, sad females. It can happen to anyone, managers, doctors, your neighbour, your mother or you.

As you may have heard from the news, there is a severe housing shortage. But even if there were an ordinary house for victims, it would still not be safe there. Women are murdered, but men are mistreated by cunningly taking their most precious possession from them. Their children. The fact that the children are also abused by taking away a loving and safe parent is overlooked or considered collateral damage. In our society, for decades, the idea was that children are best off with their mothers. In these cases, quarrels about the children are also dismissed as “a complex divorce” in which the safe parent is also to blame. That this is a direct result of a toxic relationship goes unrecognized, whereby millions are spent on legal aid and lawsuits because the toxic person keeps coming up with a reason to bother the other. Unfortunately, the judiciary does not always realize that this is perpetuating a situation of violence.


To solve this problem, the Ambii Parints Foundation is busy realizing a shelter where victims can live safely but completely independently. Not like a Blijf van mijn lijf house, which is overcrowded and where people can only stay for a few months, after which the victim still has to go out into the street. We are committed to a fully-fledged home where both the victim and her children are safe. An enclosed area with small houses with 2 to 3 bedrooms and a site layout that ensures that there is no prison feel. A small lake and other relaxation options also fit in here since relaxation is actually dangerous. To the cinema, going out with friends or family, playing sports, swimming. It’s a big risk to do this in public.

In addition, a “Therapeutic Center”.

A centre where the victim can safely talk to assistance, police, lawyer, etc

But also support and expertise in Parental Alienation. We use guardians ad litem to support legal proceedings. Curators who have not only a law degree but also a coaching diploma with a specialization in Parental Alienation.

Special protection dogs.

If a victim has to go out into the street to go to work, an appointment or the court, there is a risk of confrontation with the perpetrator, which often ends fatally. If there should be an opportunity to call 112, the police can’t get there in an instant. But our dogs can give the safety the victim needs.

This is Odin. Our mascot. www.facebook.com/odinvidarprotectiondog

Dogs that are not offensive but protect in their own way.

We lend the dogs out so the victim can safely cross the street. The costs are fully paid by the foundation.


We are looking for (partial) investor(s) and/or sponsors, gifts, and subsidies for this purpose.

· A farm with land must be purchased.

· The infrastructure must be built.

· Houses must be placed. There are contacts with a supplier of mobile homes worth just under a million.

· The site must be arranged and secured.

We can count on many professional volunteers to get the job done.


Would you like to participate in this beautiful, meaningful project?

Then we would like to meet with you.

Please send an email to info@ambiiparints.com